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I thought I would do a little bonus post this week as I haven’t touched on my fitness regime for quite a while! So this one is dedicated to this week’s booty building workout at D4 Fitness…

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I’ve been in training for a while now and I’m seeing my body changing on a monthly basis that I’m really happy with but would I of achieved them without Paul at D4 Fitness pushing me forward? I’m not so sure, I used to think I worked hard at the gym but there’s really something about someone being there pushing you forward all the time that helps to motivate you to push through and hot the next target/goal that’s ahead of you.

With so many options available now it’s made it even easier for me to stay fit and continue to try and reach my goals, there’s new bootcamps coming up, online fitness/workout advice plus D4 specialises in post natal workouts too – they really care about their clientele and all of the trainers there push you forward. Keep your eyes peeled on the website as they are opening up in more locations!

Now for the booty building to commence!


Check out the Personal Trainers at D4 Fitness by clicking the links below:
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