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Autumn is upon us and here are THE top 6 autumn fashion trends 2017 that you need to know about right now! It’s the season that prepares us for winter, when the weather turns slightly cooler and it makes us think about warm toned hues and wrapping up in style. As per usual just tap the caption below the images to be redirected to the seller’s website


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Red is everywhere at the moment and it’s calling me, beckoning me in to purchase one of everything in my favourite shade – is it calling you too? There’s plenty on the market to choose from no matter what your budget is so treat yourself now and strike whilst the metal is hot!


Want this on trend coat?
Like me?


Burnt Orange

Although this colour wasn’t showcased too much on the catwalks this year, I couldn’t leave it off this list as it’s so undeniably Autumn. I love warm tones, burnt oranges, vibrant hues etc and it just fits the theme, try it this season by adding some orange accessories like a simple scarf or layered cardigan…

Grab me for a bargain! 


Fancy something a little warmer?


Faux Fur/Fur

This is a trend I am constantly in love with! Fur or Faux Fur is so glamorous and timeless, it’s perfect for the cooler months too. It’s great because there’s so many options available today and you can purchase something within this style whilst staying 100% cruelty free, I like this one from

Oh so fancy!
Hit 2 trends in 1 with me…



Suits are a year round staple for me and I’m so happy that they are back in fashion because it means that the options have become far wider than they were previously with brands likes Misguided and Prettylittlething all the way up to Gucci and Stella McCartney  getting involved. The great thing about suits is that there’s always a cut, style and shape to suit everyone.

Funky edge on a plain black suit!
Who said suits have to be boring?!


Seventies Vibes

Again this is another wonderful trends that’s making the rounds once more this year. With it’s earthy tonal colours and romantic nostalgia it has me hooked and I’m definitely going to investing in this trend, I love these pieces here.

Are you feeling the 70’s vibes?
Tuck me into your flares 🙂 


Glitz & Glam

This is possibly my least favourite trend of all but I couldn’t not include it due to the amount of coverage it had on the catwalks this year! It’s bright, flashy and depending on what piece you choose to rock, quite daring. Personally I am yet to find a great sequinned piece that isn’t scratchy with is quite disappointing as I am a glitter fiend, any suggestions?

Wear your sequins however you want!
Be the golden goddess of Autumn! 

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