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Christmas can be so difficult when you think about how many people you have to buy gifts for, when you have no idea what to get them and when you are time limited but not to worry I think I may have found the solution. Here are 10 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas that are thoughtful, striking and better yet you don’t even have to leave them house – have them all delivered straight to your front door!

Christmas is so much more than just a holiday in my house, it’s al about family, spending time together, bonding, playing games and let’s not forget the food. Due to this I absolutely hate buying gifts with no meaning, of course every gift is special because that person has gone out of their way to purchase it for you but having said I love giving gifts that I know people will love and cherish. In the list below are 8 wonderful gifts from Etsy  for 8 different people who will (hopefully) love them!

  • For the photographer/videographer –
    Personalised wooden USB stick with box for travelling or keepsake for just £15.99. It’s a perfect way to present a personalised gift that will actually get used, even if they just keep personal images or videos on it of weddings, family gatherings or even Christmas unwrapping pics – it’s sure to be treasured!
  • For the art lover –
    Art lovers can be very fussy about what they like and rightfully so, because of this I like to always choose something that would work in a rustic setting and a minimalist setting so that it can be dressed up or played down. Like this easel for £28.00
    il_570xN.1238422958_rfij.jpgAgain sticking with the neutral theme you can grab some personalised initial prints, which can be great for easel displays, wall hanging or book shelf art. Grab these beautiful ones from just £4.00 each!
  • For the jewellery fanatic
    There’s SO MUCH personalised jewellery available on Etsy.com but one of my fave pieces is this personalised anklet/bracelet for £31.00. It’s delicate and pretty but it’s not so dainty that it can’t be stacked, have their name put on it or if it’s your partner get yours or a loved one’s name.
  • For the book worm –
    Grab some beautiful bookends £16.00-38.00 that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Things this stunning are rare, wonderfully eye catching for anyones book shelf.
  • For the doodler –
    This wonderful personalised notebook has a rustically organic feel to it and it practically comes gift wrapped which is a little bonus! You can add in graph paper or points for those who love bullet journals or create a section for an address book etc. Have this inspirational notepad bundled to your front door for just £4.00!
  • For those with fine taste –
    Know someone who loves a nice strong whiskey? Maybe a smooth brandy? Then this is the present for them, a personalised decanter set for just £32.00 (that’s super cheap for a beautiful decanter set). You can’t go wrong with this gift!
  • For the spiritualist –
    Usually when it comes to things like tarot or angel cards, I always think that the person should choose the deck themselves because they are very personal – almost like an extension of yourself. However, I couldn’t resist including these cards in this list so if you know the person will love them I’d grab these beautiful Oracle cards ASAP; especially as they are just £25.00!
    If your not super confident to buy someone something quite so personal there’s always plenty of gem and stone options available! These can be cleansed when the person receives them as a gift so don’t worry about knowing whether it’s right for someone, crystals do a lot of different things! If your not sure what they would like, I’d suggest picking up a healing kit like this one for £16.65.
  • For the home body –
    This chunky knit blanket for £59.46 is perfect for the person you know who loves to stay in doors and keep warm for winter. It’s wonderfully warm ,you can wrap it up and take it anywhere or just drag it around the house as you sip tea and read a good book (or watch yet another Harry Potter marathon).

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