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Tis the season to be jolly and romantic of course so here’s my Christmas date ideas 2017! Now is the time to take action and do the things you probably cant do all year round, it’s exciting and it gives you an excuse to cosy up together – if you needed one that is…


  • Ice Skating – for this one I say find an outdoor pop up ice rink, surrounded by lights and festive joy! I’m only being semi sarcastic but honestly they are a little more fun than an indoor rink this time of year because they tend to be a little more bumpy than the smooth, freshly buffed surfaces of that indoor rinks have. This way it gives you the chance to get a little closer and laugh at each other attempting to act like a pro on an amateur surface.


  • Christmas markets – obviously you need to do this whilst you can! The Christmas markets are only around for a limited amount of time and regardless of whether it’s your first date or you’ve been together years, it will give you plenty to talk about and look at incase of awkward moments – which hopefully there won’t be any of. Plus you can drink, eat & shop to your hearts content! P.s this is also a good time to be chivalrous buy them a little special something that they like whilst browsing – it’s memorable and thoughtful.

  • Reindeer/Deer sanctuary – I know that I’m suggesting outdoorsy type activities but hear me out. This will not look prettier at any other time of year, you want the frost on the ground, the crunching below your feet, you can walk around with some hot cocoa and search for a great souvenir likes some antlers whilst watching the animals in their habitat.


  • Take a trip – ok I know this time of year can be a little crazy but this is why you should take sometime out. If you’re scrooge then by all means book the lakes or somewhere hot for the weekend but if you LOVE Christmas then I vote Disney. Yes there will probably be loads of kids but let’s not pretend you wouldn’t love it as much as I do. Get involved, go crazy, have some festive fun!


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