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It’s the time of year when everyone is making new years resolutions, you probably have made some yourself too but will you stick to them? Stop doubting yourself because that’s your first hurdle, most new years resolutions fizzle out by the end of Feb but I’m going to help you draw up a plan so that you can stick to new years resolutions in 6 easy steps.


To be able to stick to your new years resolutions you are going to have to work on your self awareness, I know that this can be scary to some but fear not, I’m not asking you to delve into the deepest depths of your conscious; you go as deep as you like. I would also suggest using lists for this but not in your phone – THEY NEED TO BE VISUAL, somewhere you will see them every day. For me this is using a cork board and sticking up vision boards, lists & goals etc… I’ll show you how.


Your board needs to look aesthetically appealing to you because you need to be able to look at the information on it, feel proud and soak up everything you can see. So here it is guys, my step by step plan to helping you achieve your goals and stick to your new years resolutions.

  1. Grab any old piece of paper and write down what your new years resolutions are for 2018 – don’t think about it too much just what ever comes off the top off your head. No time to dilly dally when you’re done because it’s on to step number 2…New-Years-Resolution.jpg
  2. Now it’s time to write down your reflections for 2017, you will need to think about these in some depth to understand where you want to go go next. You will do one list for the ‘high points’ and one list for the ‘bad points’.Ask your self these questions – what were the high points of this year? What did I learn from this? What am I grateful for in those times? After this you can then concentrate on the low points and ask yourself the same questions for them but be sure to read back over your high points afterwards to lift your mood back up. Example below:
  3. When this task is complete you need to grab another piece of paper and start writing the sentence ‘In 2018 I will achieve…‘ and let your mind flow and consciously or subconsciously guide you to watch you shall achieve in 2018. Then after you have written out your goal, write the statement ‘In 2018 I will achieve … by‘ and let your conscious or subconscious guide you again in to how you’re going to take the steps to reach your goal.
  4. Once you have done this, grab another sheet of paper and write a list of your new years resolutions out againย but this time there should be a section left at both sides of your goal. Here you can write down the date in which you started the ball rolling to achieve your resolution and the second space should be reserved for the date you completed your resolution. This way you can keep track of all the progress you are making throughout the year! I wouldn’t recommend setting yourself more than 10 because realistically you probably won’t have time to do any more as things take time to change.
  5. When you have you final list of new years resolutions in place then it’s time to dedicate some space on your vision board for your goals. Decorate a pretty piece of card and write down what you want to achieve, the date you want to achieve it by and what you need to do to get there. You can also take this opportunity to think about the type of challenges you might face along the way but don’t fret about these minor details – focus more on accomplishment and you will get there.New-years-Resolutions.jpg
  6. Last but not least add images to your vision board and create the look you like. Your board should make you feel uplifted, happy & inspired when you look at it so take the time to make it look like yours, like it truly belongs to you.36c3939a10db89f3553bcb49294d9f41.jpg
    Let me know how this was for you! You can reach out to me by sending me an email or interacting with me on any of my social media sites linked here ๐Ÿ™‚


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