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I’m always crying out for nail inspiration and Winter is no exception, welcome to my Winter nail inspiration. I think nails for Winter should be muted – sort of – I like the toned down look with masses of sparkle. That’s a thing, right? Whether you have claws to rival that of a tiger or you like to keep them short and simple these ideas will work for you.

  • Black nails with holographic glitter – this has been my ultimate favourite this Winter. It’s understated and sleek yet fun and festive, I’m actually still wearing it on my toes now!9d3f2d29b9975f5c4b02035bbebfd189.jpg


  • Perfectly nude nails – how beautiful are these?! If they are a little plain for you then you can add in some festive glitter or an accent nail like grey marble maybe?b8df464e71b2ea07db1a1719c58e3d96.jpg


  • Pristine gothic nails – keep it sleek, keep it simple. These eye catching beauties look great in any colour navy, mulberry, purple etc just wear them with confidence and make sure your cuticles are well cared for!



  • Go frosty – add a little bling to your life and show off your talons! Glitter looks most dazzling over a light colour palette, like these dazzlers here…



Did you try any of these designs this winter or are they next on your list?


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