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It’s that time of year again, here’s 4 cheap Valentines date ideas. By now I think we all know I kind of despise this so called holiday but I sure know how to make every V day a good one.

The thing is I’ve never understood the concept of why or how every couple goes out of their way to do something bold or romantic just because it’s the 14th of Feb.┬áSo lets forget about the michelin star restaurants or the west end shows because this little list is all about how to celebrate Valentines day in style without breaking the budget.

  • Afternoon Tea – you can enjoy this one indoors or outdoors. Build a fort inside or set up your dining room table so it looks fancy, alternately climb your way up to the tallest building in your neighbourhood and watch the pretty lights twinkling in the distance. All you need is different sized bowls and plates for this one, head over to your local supermarket and either buy miniature cakes and sandwiches pre-made or grab the ingredients and bake the goods yourself – it’s more fun that way and you can even get your date to help!Image result for at home afternoon tea
  • Game Night – enjoy this in the comfort of your own home and play board games, even poker or take it out to your local arcade – amp up the fun and turn it into a competition worth winning!Image result for arcade
  • Themed Movie Night – pick a genre and stick with it but it’s best to go nostalgic with this one and pick something you wouldn’t normally watch. It stops it from feeling like any other night of the week.Image result for black and white movie night
  • Spa Day – you know the drill! Pick up some face masks, light some candles and dim the lights. If nothing else you deserve some chill out time, just pick up a bottle of wine or your tipple of choice and make it a stress free zone.Related image

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