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You asked for the top 7 makeup hacks and I am delivering them to you! This is my personal top 7 that I think really work, let’s get into it…

  1. Pop foundation on the centre of your face (nose) and blend outwards, this technique will makeup you look the most flawless and it stops your makeup from looking cakey or mask-like.
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  2. Use a translucent powder for oily skins, completely translucent! Don’t use anything with a colour tint to it, the particles in the colour compound create the cake effect.
  3. Layer skin care from lightest formula to heaviest for the best care for your skin, this is so the skincare penetrates the skin and takes what it needs to before adding another layer.
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  4. Use dry shampoo on synthetic hair to reduce the shine and make it appear natural!
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  5. Have an oily t zone? Use eyeshadow primer to ensure that the shine is kept at bay.
  6. Mix a small amount of highlighter with under eye concealer to create your very own custom illuminating concealer.
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  7. Keep your own mascara wand! Yes I’m serious, it comes in so handy for brows, separating eyelashes and even getting the most out of your cheaper mascaras. Just make sure it’s disinfected properly because continuing to use.

Just whilst we are here I thought it would be worth mentioning the top 3 should you should really never do… Like ever!

  1. Revive old mascara with solution or eyedrops, just NO. There’s a reason mascara expires so it really shouldn’t be used that long after it does, by doing this you are risking so many infections – it’s not worth the conjunctivitis!
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  2. The coin press – if you really must do this one at least wrap it in foil or plastic wrap, something non porous, there’s so many germs on coins that you just wouldn’t believe. Would you take a penny from a stranger or pick it up off the floor and rub it all over your face? Didn’t think so…
  3. Lemon and baking soda to brighten the skin. I can not say enough about my disdain for this ‘hack’, it’s dangerous and if you really want to see that kind of result you should be visiting a skin specialist – like me.

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