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10 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist | Maddox Empire

On your big day, the last thing you want to leave to the last minute is your makeup or hair style choices for the day. The main reason being that you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and if you are left with a style that ‘just isnt you’, you will feel it like never before. So here are my super 10 questions to ask your bridal makeup artist, some of them may be obvious but you wouldn’t believe how any people don’t think how important the obvious questions can be…

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  • What kind of bridal look would you suggest for me?
    This can be a very telling/scary question and it can reveal a lot about an artists skill.Think back to their portfolio, is what they are describing sound exactly like the last 10 brides your artist photographed? It may not be your style and that’s ok because a great artist will listen to what you want, take that into consideration and deliver the goods – what you’re really listening and looking for is that they have a great grasp of how your face, eye, lips and nose is shaped, how to pick products to enhance/hide features and probably one of the most important factors which is your skin type and what products will work best with it.
  • What does your price include?
    This is so important so that you know that you can stay in budget, find out if there are any hidden extras, if there is a location fee or time limits on your booking etc.

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  • How long will you be staying for on the day?
    This question is being asked more and more recently and for very good reason! If you are having a late wedding at 4pm, it is acceptable to pay your artist extra to stay for an hour after your ceremony to do makeup changes and touch ups etc. This may be slightly different if you are getting married at 1pm and your reception doesn’t start until 7.30pm – think of all the costs involved including travel fees or out of hours costs.

  • How long will make-up take on the day?
    This question is one that is majorly overlooked, especially if you have a trial run.Image result for pretty clock with flowers
    The makeup on the day should not take as long as the trial (in my opinion), as an artist you want the bride to enjoy herself and be as stress free as possible; so most, if not all of the decision making should have been made during or after the trial. Hopefully by the time you arrive on the wedding day, you have a clear idea of what style you are doing and are able to just get to work ASAP.
  • The trial run? 
    You want find out if a trial is included in the price or if it is an extra, is there a time limit at the trial, should you take inspiration pictures with you, should you have a tan (if you plan to have one on the big day), are there any tattoos you need covering. Make sure that both you and your artist have as much information before going into the appointment.
  • Would your makeup artist be open to using your products on the day?
    As an artist, I will admit that I struggle with this question – mainly because you are paying for my service which includes my products and my insurance doesn’t cover using other peoples products. All of my makeup equipment and product has to be bought by me, used WITHIN it’s expiration date and discarded properly when it is no longer useable.I understand if you have very sensitive skin or are taking a lot of medication that could cause skin complications. My advice would be speak to your artist because I know that if bride booked with me, then I would be more than happy to buy the preferred product if I didn’t stock it.Image result for wedding day 
  • What kinds/brands of products do you use?
    This is such a good question to ask, it’s important to know if the company specialises in bridal, TV makeup or stage makeup etc, this will tell you if it will hold well under hot photography lights or a humid climate. Also remember to make sure  your artist is aware of any allergies you have – even if it doesn’t seem relevant to you, there’s a lot of chemicals most makeup, even if it’s just trace amounts.Image result for makeup artist products
  • May I call a few references?
    I don’t know a lot of people who do this all fairness, but they should because you are hiring someone to do a job. Speaking from a personal point of view as well as professional, I would never give out an individuals personal details as it is a huge breach of data protection, not to mention privacy and confidentially but I will allow reviews to be listed on all business accounts and I will supply business references when asked. So although you can not speak directly to a bride/groom that I have worked with unless you know them, you can speak to the people who shoot the gowns on set for character references.
  • How many events will you work on my wedding day?Make sure you ask this question, it’s important to know if your artist is going to be under different time constraints. If you are due to get married at 11am then it might not be wise to have an artist who is booked 1 hour later than you. Same goes for if you have a large bridal party, you want to make sure there is enough time to do everyone, including any alterations and touch ups for the bride.Image result for pretty appointment diary
  • What will happen if you can’t make it on my wedding day?
    Most reputable makeup artists will have a second that they can call on during an emergency situation. It is imperative that you hire someone who is professional and organised enough to have a backup plan in place should they ever need one. Within my company, I have a small team of highly skilled artists that can go on location together as a team or individually and are there to cover for each other if needed.

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