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How To Throw The Best Summer Party | Maddox Empire

Finally we have good weather (if you’re in the UK right now) and probably better weather if you are just about anywhere else in the world. Everyone is getting the BBQ’s at the ready, most people are rocking at least a T shirt tan/scold and you never know when it’s going to lash it down with rain, so we have to make the most of the sun whilst it’s here! Here are my top tips on how to throw the best summer party…

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  • Citrus, sunscreen & bug spray – say it with me “citrus, sunscreen and bug spray”, I know it’s probably not the first thing you expected to see on this list but the comfort of your guest should take priority when you are hosting any kind of event. Let’s keep the bugs at bay and make sure your guests don’t encounter any heat/sun stroke in your presence!


  • Create different zones – not only does this work on an aesthetic level as it will look fab but it also works on a practical level for your guests. Have tables where people can gather to eat, then an area with a blanket, bean bags and floor cushions and don’t forget about that essential cosy feeling when the sun starts to set; put some extra blankets around a fire pit and then your guests can gravitate to where they feel the most comfortable.


  • Set a menu & nominate a guest to take orders – this will help to simplify those BBQ orders for whoever gets the honour of grilling the food. When people have a list to stick to it helps create a smooth running order, no one gets confused, rushed or god forbid forgets to cook something properly! Display a menu and have someone take the orders and pass them along to the chef, it sounds finicky but it’s actually hassle free.
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  • DIY bar – gin bar anyone? Make it easy for your guests to serve themselves drinks on the day, there’s nothing better than a fully stocked bar just remember to keep the cool drinks, cool! Have an assortment of glasses and different sections on a table or in metal bins such as spirits, mixers, soft drinks etc


  • Make the clean up easy for yourself – Have a bin and a washing basket outside and label them so that guests can put their own trash straight into the bin and they can put the dirty dishes into the basket, this way the collection is already done and all you have to do it move them once they are full.


  • Playlist – depending on the type of theme you are going for, you might decide to play some background music or have each persons fave song on the playlist to keep everyone upbeat and lifted! Just remember to run a little test before hand to make sure there’s no technical difficulties, there’s nothing worse than no music during a party.


  • Entertainment – there’s so many garden games you can play for an outdoor summer party, traditional games like coconut shy, hook and duck, pitch and put, even pass the parcel just remember to include more of an adult theme.


There’s my top tips to make sure you have the best summer party! I think they all work really well but you’ll have to try them and let me know.

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