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What Are The Best Foods For Your Skin Type? | Maddox Empire

I find that in the beauty/cosmetic industry the food you intake is something that’s rarely talked about, or at least not as much as it is within the fitness and health industry but really it’s part of one big umbrella group. Food can help better your skin just the same as it can make the condition of your skin worse, here’s a really simple guide to find the best foods for your skin. This guide will help you to nourish your skin and give you the essential nutrients to boost your glow!

  • Oily Skin – Oily skin is often caused by hormonal imbalance, dehydration or using the wrong products for your skin type. We can help to balance hormones such as higher testosterone levels by choosing foods high in phytoestrogens (oestrogen) such as the following:Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 12.21.37


  • Dry Skin – dry skin could be your body trying to tell you that you’re lacking essential fats, you can rectify this by adding a serving of Omegas to your diet each day – the easiest way to do this is to add a sprinkle of flaxseeds into your diet. You can add this into cereal, smoothies yogurts etcyou-4


  • Acne/Breakout Skin – you need to ffed your skin Vit A & Zinc to restore the balance in your skin. These 2 essentials work as immunity boosters and therefore help to repair skin cells! Zinc is found in in the following:


  • Rosacea/Redness – Instead of telling you what to add to your diet, I’m going to tell you what to take away from it, most people who suffer from Rosacea tend to find that staying away from the following foods can dramatically help the condition of their skin:

I hope the article will help you to boost your glow and restore your skin back to a healthy condition!



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