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How To Appear More Confident | Maddox Empire

Regardless of the reasons why, sometimes in life everyone wants to appear more confident in certain situations and I’m going to tell you how to do this successfully. ‘Successfully’ being the important word here because it’s a fine balance between tipping over the self confidence bar into pushing yourself a little too hard territory which can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

So here are my top tips of how to win over any room or situation you find yourself in, let’s get started…

  1. Hold your head up high – holding your head up gives a sense of assertiveness around you. Looking down or up high will give the impression of shy/timidness.Image result for confident woman
  2. Eye contact – when you enter a room, give a speech, speak to people etc it’s important you look them in the eye. It shows confidence, attentiveness and tricks people into thinking that you can hold your own; even if you are shaking on the inside.Image result for eye contact
  3. Slow your speech – if you’re a person who rushes things when they are nervous, stutters and messes up sentences when you feel under pressure then this one is for you. Just slow down, take a deep breath and allow yourself a few seconds to think before you answer questions. This little trick shows that you have self control and are really in tune to what others are saying.Image result for giving a speech
  4. Get loose – don’t be afraid to move, sometimes people can freeze up when they are nervous so just centre yourself and allow our body to move naturally. I’m a person that talks with my hands and if you are too that’s ok, as long as they aren’t waving around frantically in front of the person you just met – it just causes distraction.Image result for talking with your hands

Try this 4 top tips the next time you are in a social situation and see if they work for you, they have been tried and tested, time anytime again. Let me know how it goes!

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