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Skinny Dip Faves 2019 | Maddox Empire

It’s been quite some time since I’ve given one of my fave companies some love, but fear not; I’m back to share my Skinny Dip Faves 2019 with you all. I don’t know about you guys but when I seen that Skinny Dip were expanding to include beauty products, makeup & clothing I felt a rush of excitement. If you haven’t seen my last post giving Skinny Dip the limelight on my little corner of the internet then you can see it here > Skinny Dip Essentials.

  • Cherub Case £14.00 – classy, sassy & so 2019. Am I right?! I love this phone cover, it’s like brining a little Di Vinci with you wherever you go. P.s. you NEED to shop the Disney collection.
  • Holo Cross Body Bag £26.00 – right now might be a relatively boring time of the year with Christmas and New Year gone by but let’s not forget that Valentines day is coming up and after that it’s festival season! Grab it before it goes!
  • Accepted Into Hell T Shirt £18.00 – this is a LOOK! Whether it’s your aesthetic or your life motto that leads you there, I think this T shirt might help you along your way.
  • Rose Cloud PJ Set £59.00 – this PJ set is cute AF. Just give me a glass of champagne and a fur stole (faux, of course) and I’ll wear this out.
  • 100 Day Happiness Planner £20.00 – a stylish diary, paired with a tracker for your meals, appointments & emotions. What more could you ask for? Seriously though if self care is something you’re investing in this year, I feel like you would benefit greatly from this as it’s a little something you can fill out daily to keep you on track.
  • Rose Gold Bottle £25.00 – how beautiful is this rose gold bottle? It keeps your cold things cold for 24 hours and your hot things hot for 12 so it’s perfect for those long summer days ahead with all of those camping trips, beach parties and festivals etc.
  • Alligator Charm Necklace £3.20 – surely it can’t just be me that loves this little guy? I love gold jewellery and I love that it’s back in fashion more than ever, this delicate yet statement had to be added to my collection as soon as I seen it.

Keep your eyes peeled for a post dedicated to beauty/makeup products from Skinny Dip!

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