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Today I’m going to talk a little bit about self care. I’m sure you’ve heard/seen the rumour mill spreading around the beauty community like wild fire and the reverb of those who are dissatisfied with their jobs or positions has been overwhelming and that really does just come down to one thing which is self care.


No matter what you do in life if you’re not paying any attention to yourself, then different areas of your life will begin suffer because of that; this is true for any problem that you have which is why I’ve decided to talk about this topic. When I first started this blog around 2 years ago I was crazy for makeup and that’s all it was about but then there came a point where I didn’t feel as passionate writing about just makeup, so I switched things up and spoke about fashion, LGBT related subjects and now things like this. Just that little change kept it interesting and switching things up made me enjoy what I was doing again and reminded me why I decided to start blog this in the first place.


Its super important to take care of yourself and therefore it’s important to revaluate how you feel about things and why, it’s easy to become dissatisfied when you’re stuck in rut but can’t pin point why that is. Obviously the example I’ve just used isn’t a be all and end all situation but no matter what problem you have, this simple exercise I’m about to show you will help you focus your thoughts and bring to light what you need to do to solve the problem or make the situation better. Click here to download this simple & easy worksheet, it’s completely free!


Let me know how you find it, I’m always interested in hearing what the lovely readers of my blog have to say.



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