Feel Unique X Charlie Maddox | Maddox Empire

I’m super excited to be able to show you my makeup tutorial featured on Feel Unique’s Youtube channel. I decided to take part in this years #tomorrowstopvlogger competition and I’m so happy to have made it into the top 10, fingers crossed I manage to make it to the top 3! You can view the tutorial below & subscribe to my channel HERE.

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What I Eat in a Day | Vegetarian | Maddox Empire

Ok, so this is a question I get asked A LOT – almost nearly every day someone will ask me ‘what do you eat’?, ‘how do you stay so skinny’? (which is a word I hate by the way), ‘how do you stay in shape’? etc. Now the time has come where I’ve finally decided to tell you guys what I eat in a day, a regular, random day of the week.

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How To Appear More Confident | Maddox Empire

Regardless of the reasons why, sometimes in life everyone wants to appear more confident in certain situations and I’m going to tell you how to do this successfully. ‘Successfully’ being the important word here because it’s a fine balance between tipping over the self confidence bar into pushing yourself a little too hard territory which can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

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What Are The Best Foods For Your Skin Type? | Maddox Empire

I find that in the beauty/cosmetic industry the food you intake is something that’s rarely talked about, or at least not as much as it is within the fitness and health industry but really it’s part of one big umbrella group. Food can help better your skin just the same as it can make the condition of your skin worse, here’s a really simple guide to find the best foods for your skin. This guide will help you to nourish your skin and give you the essential nutrients to boost your glow!

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