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ASOS New Homeware Collection | Maddox Empire

Usually this time of year is all about hearts, glasses of champagne, hot gal makeup & clothes but I kind of had to stop everything to write about ASOS’ new homeware/living collection on the new section of the site. Did anyone know this was coming because I really didn’t? Anyway I’m in love with the new stylish accessories for the home, so much so that I actually took time out of editing a Valentines video to spend a little time shopping! You can shop the whole collection HERE, I’m not affiliated in anyway  just FYI.

Here are my top 10 picks:

  • ASOS Supply Scoll Frame Mirror for £35.00 – is it just me or does this mirror just scream grown up Disney princess? Well, that’s why I had to have it; it’s elegant yet girly (in a grown up way), bound to add a touch of class to any room.
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.36.17.png
  • ASOS Supply Pom Pom Throw at £28.00 – This is so beautiful and so 2019, I need them to do this in a baby pink or cream/white and yes, I would buy all 3. I adore blankets an these look super snuggly but lightweight as the listing describes, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.40.53.png
  • Zuperzozial Bamboo Biodegradable Set of 3 Hanging Plant Pots just £17.00 – This beautiful bamboo piece is stylish, very eye catching and natural. Everything is included to set up right away, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to spruce up my kitchen a little.
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.41.13.png
  • Umbra Set of Concrete Wall Planters for £25.00 – I love these gold toned & concrete plant hangers. You can place them anywhere and can be used for a multitude of things, not just plants although they do look completely adorable with these little succulents in!
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.44.29
  • Kiss Me Love Hearts Kiss Me Light at £19.99 – Millennials everywhere will swoon over this little love hearts ‘kiss me’ light. It’s super cute, safe to touch unlike traditional neons and it’s already mounted so there’s no tricky bits to try and deal with fitting it to the wall etc. Also would be a good little Valentines gift, just saying…
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.46.44.png
  • Flamingo Candle ‘Hotter Than Hell’ in Pina Colada only £12.00 – who doesn’t like flamingos?! As we all know I love them that much I’ve decorated my hall way with them, so when I seen this I knew that I needed it in my life. Make a bold statement with this candle and the scent is perfect for the cup and coming season.
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.49.55.png
  • Chickidee Matte Gold & Pink Cutlery Set £14.00 – How beautiful is this cutlery set? This is a statement for anyones kitchen and if you ask me it’s a pretty good moving in gift if you’re giving a special someone a little key to your place this V day…
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.52.47.png
  • Kado Copper Metal Straws for £9.99  – Remember when people used to think that doing a little bit for the planet was a little too much effort? Well not anymore, especially with these metal straws in a Rose Gold finish. They are just so pretty and they’ve been calling my name every since I laid my eyes on them.
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.58.30.png
  • Sass & Belle Good Times Only Mug  for £9.00 – Well I like rainbows (must be a gay thing), I love gift boxes and I like mugs for nice things like hot beverages so it’s a yes all around from me!
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 14.58.38.png
  • Disney Dumbo Mug for just £12.00 – drum roll please! I have saved the best until last with this little guy. I love him, he’s stolen my heart, take my money, thanks & bye. Honestly what more can I possibly say?
    Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 15.00.02.png
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Lush Haul 2019 | Maddox Empire

Hi Guys, I’m Charlie Maddox! Welcome/back to my channel, Maddox Empire! Thanks for watching my latest lush haul in 2019 – next video live on Thursday at 4pm. Keep in touch via my social media platforms in the meantime and don’t forget to let me know if you have any video ideas for me!

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Brands I Would Like To Work With | Maddox Makeup Company

As I am a blogger who takes blogging seriously and is trying to pave a career out of what I do there’s also been a couple of brands that I have often thought about working with. Although at the moment these may just be fantasies and visions, I still hope to work with some special brands as my audience grows! Find out below which brands I would like to work with in the future…


Urban Decay 

Although I have a couple of fave makeup brands, I’ll never forget the first time I used UD products. The stand lured me in when I was 16 as it was so vivid and looked exactly like the type of brand I would buy in to; the colours were fierce, passionate and confident and so I haven’t looked back since. UD was a huge inspiration to me when I was studying makeup at uni and their palettes never fail to inspire an array of design ideas!


Kat Von D

Image result for kat von D beauty

For me it was so interesting to watch Kat Von D go from tattooing (although she still does) to building a makeup up line with Sephora, talk about inspiration! The brand grabbed my attention from the offset with bold, daring colours and amazing lip formulas plus I was so excited when she expanded the brand to the UK because paying that shipping charge was never fun 🙂



I loved NYX the second I discovered the brand, it’s fun and creative with a wide range of products at an affordable price and I always recommend to new clients who aren’t sure what makeup they like/dislike. The lip formulas are amazing again but it’s really the blushers that I love from this brand, give a coral hue cheek any day of the week! It’s such an expressive brand you cant go wrong.



Image result for illamasqua







I was first introduced to Illamasqua by a close friend who asked me to try out a couple of her new products to see what I could do with them and I instantly fell in love. The pigmentation of Illamasqua products is out of this world and with such a strong brand culture your bound to create some epic looks when you get your hands on these products.




Image result for kiehls








I have loved Kiehl’s for as long as I can remember, it’s a brand that is always striving for more, more from it’s ingredients and products to create the best possible products for it’s consumers and that is something that I can really appreciate. Kiehl’s is a wonderful brand that has developed and grown it’s brand culture over a long period of time so no wonder they make it look so effortless! The products really do speak for themselves and it’s like a spa treatment overtime you use them… If you do one thing this year, treat yourself to an eye treatment from Kiehl’s, honestly they are the BEST.




What’s not to like about Missguided? I love the style and attitude that the brand exudes, it’s effortless, chic and fashionable all in one. The quality of the clothing is great and they supply items for every single event/situation imaginable, I love there simple pieces and evening dresses and don’t even get me started on the swimwear! It’s my go to whenever I need a new outfit or even just some inspiration.






Top 6 Tips For Sale Shopping | Maddox Makeup Company

Unfortunately we all know that the actual allocated time for ‘British Summer’ is coming to an end and there’s only a few good things that come from that – one being end of summer sales! So here’s my top 6 tips for sales shopping right and with ease this month…


Tip Number 1 – Create A List

This is for the simple reason that you won’t end up purchasing spur of the moment items, unless you genuinely love them. Walking into a sale without an idea of what your looking for is bound to leave you over spending, so are you really getting a bargain after all?

Image result for clothes shopping list

Take note of whats missing from your closet, what pieces have you been craving for a while now? Focus on them and don’t get distraction by the heavily discounted items that you don’t really want/need.


Tip Number 2 – Go Alone

It’s best to leave all distractions at home when your sale shopping if you are able to. Friends slow you down and give you too many opinions, it’s what you like not what they like so get a sitter and leave the friends and family behind – just for a couple of hours, you can aways regroup afterwards and share what you purchased.

Image result for shopping


Tip Number 3 – Don’t Discard Damaged Items

I know that this one might sound  bit weird but honestly if you have an item whether it’s a jacket or a nightstand, don’t disregard it just because it’s damaged because it can always be fixed. You can DIY a small scuff or a broken drawer and why would you put the Gucci jacket back on the rack when it’s discounted for half of it’s price and it may only cost you 15 to correct it?! Sometimes these can be some special finds that will become treasured pieces for years to come.


Tip Number 4 – Rummage In The Changing Rooms

Not a lot of Brits like to do this for the fear of looking rude (no idea why) but rummaging around the changing room racks is a sure fire way to find some good clothing pieces. During the sales the shop assistants are lucky if they get 5 minutes to put all of the tried items of clothing back on the shop floor and the best items will have been picked up and tried on before you even get there. The items just may not of been the right fit/colour/style for someone else but they may be perfect for you.


Tip Number 5 – Fed & Watered

Ensure you take snacks and water – do I sound old yet? You know what I’m talking about each time the sales are on you can guarantee strolling past someone who’s collapsed on the floor in the middle of the city because they were too bust and forgot to eat/drink. If you carry something around with you then you avoid this from happening, eating a snack at the onset of dizziness/weakness can boost your energy back up until you feel ready to sit down and eat properly. May sound silly now but it will buy you more time!

Image result for snack and water


Tip Number 6 – Go Late

Unless there’s something you are 100% sure is going to sell out then don’t get to next at 5am or stand in a line at Kurt Geiger. I know this may sound contradictory but you get the best deals later in the day, especially on a Sunday; it just depends where you go and what you want.

Image result for watch 3pm on wrist

Typically big brands and chain stores will offer to get the order purchased or delivered if they are sold out. The only time I ever get there early is for one off stores and boutiques who can’t provided more stock than what they have. It will be a messy minefield to go later in the day but 3pm is my favourite time to go, everyone is getting tired and heading home by then so the atmosphere is a lot quieter.

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Journey To Fitness: Inspiration | Maddox Makeup Company

Being back to Personal Training at D4 Fitness has been great this week, it’s kept me focused through all of the external stress that I’ve had going on! Who knew that it could be so therapeutic?!

I endured the pain of leg day already this week and felt the effects for the 2 days that followed as well! An hour’s worth of just leg exercises sounds killer doesn’t it? Well imagine that but imagine doing this when you’ve slacked for nearly 2 weeks, to be completely honest I felt really weak and it was not at all satisfying.

Paul kept me uplifted throughout and kept me focused whilst still pushing me to lift my maximum and get through the entire workout; I’m glad that he did. Regardless of how I feel before I get to the D4 Fitness Studio, I always feel better when I leave and not because I’m happy to get away but because I feel revitalised and stronger, as if I’m working towards something that’s achievable.

With a mixture of squats, lunges and deadlifts done I felt like I was back into the swing of things already, despite moving house and taking on a new work contract this week I felt ready to tackle my gym programme head on as well. Recovery will be interesting this week though, if it happens at all! All the renovating and moving boxes may just turn into one big body ache but we shall see…


One of the great things that came out of this week is that I’ve convinced my partner to start D4 Fitness Bootcamps with me which will be great for high intensity, weekly workouts. It’s something that you can do of any fitness level and you can bring someone with you for fun, company or support! You can pay as you go or buy a monthly membership, both of which are great options plus the membership comes with 1-2-1 support and nutritional advice… What more could you ask for?!

Check out the Personal Trainers at D4 Fitness by clicking the links below:

Instagram: @thed4fitnessstudiowarrington

Twitter: @TheD4Studio

Facebook: @TheD4StudioWarrington

Youtube: @TheD4Studio

https://d4fitness.com << Find more about D4′ Personal Training packages!

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Skinny Dip Brush Review | Maddox Makeup Company

Thank you for watching this Skinny Dip Brush Review, I hope you enjoyed it.

Next video will be uploaded on Thursday, hit the button at the end of the video to subscribe!

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Date Night Outfits

No matter where you are going for your date you will find something wearable for the occasion within this post. My style is somewhat thrown together, I don’t like to overly think my outfits but somehow it always comes together; today I’m going to show you 2 different ways to wear very similar styled outfits. So the question is to dress up or dress down?

Outfit 1 

You can mix and match with any item out of this palette, by using black and with it looks elegant but with a sassy edge. Tip: layer silver necklaces & bracelets to complete this look.


Leather Jacket £49.99

Black Dress – £15.00

White Shoes – £11.25

White Strappy Shoes £25.00

White Bag – £18.00

Outfit 2LogoLicious_20161020_122100.png

Tip: wear a delicate gold necklace and/or songs with this look!

Leather Trousers  £80.00

Gold Top £12.00

Black Heels £19.99 

Black flats £29.99 

Satchel £70.00

Outfit 3


Tip: wear with gold earring and plum lipstick! You can pop a jacket or jersey jumper on over top of this outfit.

Ripped Jeans £45.00

Cami Top £7.99

Heeled Bootes £9.99

Black Vans £51.99 

YSL Clutch £1,550