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Is grunge eyeliner back? Well it is now, thanks to Kat Von D and Billie Joe Armstrong! Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner wonderfully pigmented eyeliner is super blend-able whether you use tools to apply/smudge or your finger tips. It’s the new must have for your makeup bag!

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Let’s take a look at some iconic eyeliner looks that you can recreate with this product…

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Or you could go for something a little more… Classic?

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Let me know what you guys think, will you be trying out this imperfect eyeliner? Tell me the looks you’re dying to try with it!

Winter Nail Inspiration | Maddox Empire

I’m always crying out for nail inspiration and Winter is no exception, welcome to my Winter nail inspiration. I think nails for Winter should be muted – sort of – I like the toned down look with masses of sparkle. That’s a thing, right? Whether you have claws to rival that of a tiger or you like to keep them short and simple these ideas will work for you.

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January Sales Come Early At Miss Guided | Maddox Makeup Company

The January sales have come early this year at Miss Guided, they have a massive 70% their stock plus they have added new lines – it’s like Christmas all over again! Regardless of whether you’re still looking for a cozy coat or that perfect sparkly dress for new years eve, no worries because they’ve got you covered but you need to hurry because this 70% off sale ends on the 30th. You have 2 days left! Here are my top picks from this years sale…

  • Blue Playsuit £23.00 down from £45.00 – just the right amount of playful and flirty whilst still looking elegant. You could practically wear this just about anywhere, jut throw on a big fur coat over the top to keep warm!



  • Block colour jumper for £50.00 keeps jumping in and out of the sale from what I can see but it’s a keeper. I love the colours and texture of this piece, not to mention it’s slightly androgynous twist it carries!grey-colour-block-high-neck-knitted-jumper.jpg


  • Grab these snakeskin platforms before they go! They are just £15.00 in the sale right now, look super comfy and you can style them up or dress them down – perfect!black-snake-effect-cross-strap-heeled-platforms.jpg

There are plenty of styles and items to choose from so head over to the site now before your favourite pieces sell out! Miss Guided




Top 6 Autumn Fashion Trends 2017 | Maddox Makeup Company

Autumn is upon us and here are THE top 6 autumn fashion trends 2017 that you need to know about right now! It’s the season that prepares us for winter, when the weather turns slightly cooler and it makes us think about warm toned hues and wrapping up in style. As per usual just tap the caption below the images to be redirected to the seller’s website


Psssst… A little birdy told me there’s a sale now on HERE.



Red is everywhere at the moment and it’s calling me, beckoning me in to purchase one of everything in my favourite shade – is it calling you too? There’s plenty on the market to choose from no matter what your budget is so treat yourself now and strike whilst the metal is hot!


Want this on trend coat?
Like me?


Burnt Orange

Although this colour wasn’t showcased too much on the catwalks this year, I couldn’t leave it off this list as it’s so undeniably Autumn. I love warm tones, burnt oranges, vibrant hues etc and it just fits the theme, try it this season by adding some orange accessories like a simple scarf or layered cardigan…

Grab me for a bargain! 


Fancy something a little warmer?


Faux Fur/Fur

This is a trend I am constantly in love with! Fur or Faux Fur is so glamorous and timeless, it’s perfect for the cooler months too. It’s great because there’s so many options available today and you can purchase something within this style whilst staying 100% cruelty free, I like this one from

Oh so fancy!
Hit 2 trends in 1 with me…



Suits are a year round staple for me and I’m so happy that they are back in fashion because it means that the options have become far wider than they were previously with brands likes Misguided and Prettylittlething all the way up to Gucci and Stella McCartney  getting involved. The great thing about suits is that there’s always a cut, style and shape to suit everyone.

Funky edge on a plain black suit!
Who said suits have to be boring?!


Seventies Vibes

Again this is another wonderful trends that’s making the rounds once more this year. With it’s earthy tonal colours and romantic nostalgia it has me hooked and I’m definitely going to investing in this trend, I love these pieces here.

Are you feeling the 70’s vibes?
Tuck me into your flares 🙂 


Glitz & Glam

This is possibly my least favourite trend of all but I couldn’t not include it due to the amount of coverage it had on the catwalks this year! It’s bright, flashy and depending on what piece you choose to rock, quite daring. Personally I am yet to find a great sequinned piece that isn’t scratchy with is quite disappointing as I am a glitter fiend, any suggestions?

Wear your sequins however you want!
Be the golden goddess of Autumn! 

Expensive Date Ideas | Maddox makeup Company

This is the second part to date ideas, if you would like to see some cheap date ideas head over here >  <. Now I said in my previous posts that when my partner and I go on dates we tend to go super cheap or not-so-cheap, here’s a list of our expensive date ideas!

P.S I don’t condone blowing all of your money on pay day, it’s the worst thing to do. Spend money wisely folks!


Rent A Yacht

This date idea is best April-Sept when we can expect the weather to be ‘good’, whatever that means! You can opt for the slightly cheaper option of jumping aboard others or you can pay to rent it out for the day, have a 4 course meal on board and milkshakes for dessert! You can sunbathe and lounge around all day in each others company or you can even learn how to sail yourself, it’s so much fun but maybe not if you get sea sick! Expect to pay a minimum of 1,500 upwards for private rental (small yacht) but you can also pick up cheaper options like afternoon tea with up to a maximum of 8 people for 35 each.

Image result for yacht on lake


Hit The Slopes 

Want to try skiing or snowboarding? Why not take your date on a fun lesson that you can take part in together, many ski slopes now offer lessons from around 99 and can sometimes have deals on for 2 people. When your more confident in your abilities you can rent out a slope from around 700 for 6 hours, think of the bonding experience!

Image result for snowboarding


Romantic Dinner

Not just your average date night, elevate it to the next level and pull out all the stops. Rent a beautiful space such as an old great hall, an art gallery or a spot on the beach and bring in some caterers to work their magic to create something wonderful to dine on. Shell out for live musicians whilst you eat and finish the dinner off with some entertainment, you can employ cabaret dancers, casino tables or firework displays etc.

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Image result for fire breather on beach


Spend The Day Away

This may be one for after you’ve spent a bit of time together but that would depend on how comfortable you both/all are. You can hop on a place and be at a new destination within an hour, you don’t even have to stay over you can make it a day trip; may be tiring but it will a whirlwind date to remember.

If you are based in England you can fly to Ireland or France in no time at all, be your own travel guide and explore the city together, stroll around and visit all the places you fancy and eat at the quirky places that catch your eye!

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What’s In My Vox Box? – Max Factor For Influenster | Maddox Makeup Company

Tuesday was a great day – I received my first Vox Box from Influencer containing 3 very special lip products from Max Factor. I have used the products every day since I have received them to be able to give an all rounded review, it’s packed full of my honest opinions… Keep reading to find out what I thought!



Universal Lip Liner

Firstly I loved the packaging of this lip liner, it seemed a little more ‘out there’ than others drug store products I’ve seen recently. When I seen the ‘colour’ I was sceptical at first but the second I started to use it, I knew it was a great product. Back in the day I used to have to use a colourless wax to get the same effect this liner gives and trust me, it’s s much easier this way!

Despite it being mixed with jojoba oil and vitamin e, it has plenty of staying power and holds lipstick/gloss exactly where you want it. For those of who are worried about knowing whether you have put the product on correctly, I wouldn’t worry as you cant really go wrong; the texture is soft and creamy so you can feel it glide on. Is this the lip hack of 2017?

Oh and at just 4.99 you can’t miss out on this, especially when you consider the quality of the pencil!



Max Factor Colour Elixir 

Let me start by saying that I had high hopes for this lipstick as soon as I saw the colour and luckily for me, the product lived up to my expectations and beyond. I tested this product on my lips, straight from the bullet at first, it’s creamy and soft in texture and the pigment pay off is wonderful; an intense, rich colour from the first swipe.

I then tidied up the edges with a sharp lip brush to perfect my lips, went about my day… even drank coffee. Okay, okay lots of coffee! To my amazement when I got back home and looked in the mirror my lipstick was still perfectly in place which got me thinking that my lips hadn’t felt dry all day and I’m usually a serial lip balm applier. That’s when I learnt that the lipstick has a little secret, it’s 60% elixir.It’s packed full of Aloe, Shea and Avocado butters as well as white tea so it keeps your lips soft & silky smooth.

It comes in at 7.99 and you have 19 shades to choose from!



Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a glossy lip – I love how plump, rich and healthy lips look when they are wearing a good bit of sheen which is why I was so happy to receive this in my vox box. I received the colour Honey Rose which is a soft, romantic shade of pink, it’s wonderful!

Unlike many lip glosses this one packs a punch in regards to pigment, there’s good colour pay off and has a nice high shine about it. Although there are no glitter particles in it the gloss really does reflect the light, plus it doesn’t have that awful stickiness to it which can sometimes come with glosses. It’s definitely a new favourite of mine, you can get one for 9.99 and choose from 8 different shades.


P.S These products have staying power! It took me 3 washes with soap to try and remove these, it was obviously easier with makeup remover but it goes to show that they will withstand more than you need to go about your day without touch ups.


Normal Skincare Routine | Maddox Makeup Company

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Products Used:
Johnsons Makeup Be Gone Wipes – 4.63
Garnier Micellar Water – 2.70
Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser – 9.99
Lush Mask of Magnaminty – 11.50
The Body Shop Nighttime Clarifying Seaweed Treatment – 14.00
The Body Shop Pomegranate Eye Roll On
Bio Oil – 14.14
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Night Miracle Cream – 21.25
Nivea Hydra Lip Balm – 1.00