Feel Unique X Charlie Maddox | Maddox Empire

I’m super excited to be able to show you my makeup tutorial featured on Feel Unique’s Youtube channel. I decided to take part in this years #tomorrowstopvlogger competition and I’m so happy to have made it into the top 10, fingers crossed I manage to make it to the top 3! You can view the tutorial below & subscribe to my channel HERE.

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How To Appear More Confident | Maddox Empire

Regardless of the reasons why, sometimes in life everyone wants to appear more confident in certain situations and I’m going to tell you how to do this successfully. ‘Successfully’ being the important word here because it’s a fine balance between tipping over the self confidence bar into pushing yourself a little too hard territory which can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

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How To Throw The Best Summer Party | Maddox Empire

Finally we have good weather (if you’re in the UK right now) and probably better weather if you are just about anywhere else in the world. Everyone is getting the BBQ’s at the ready, most people are rocking at least a T shirt tan/scold and you never know when it’s going to lash it down with rain, so we have to make the most of the sun whilst it’s here! Here are my top tips on how to throw the best summer party…

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IT Cosmetics Comes To Boots, UK | Maddox Empire

I’m probably a little late on the band wagon here but despite the many emails I’ve had regarding IT Cosmetics coming to Boots in the UK, somehow I managed to sweep this information under the carpet until NOW. Yesterday when I was scrolling along to order my travel essentials the bright, flashy, eye catching packaging caught my eye immediately and I wished I’d of paid attention!

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Top 5 Skills You Need To Succeed | Maddox Empire

So you’re here to learn the top 5 skills you need to succeed. It really doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about starting to train in something new and are just starting out or are seasoned in your profession but you may have had moments where you have thought ‘is this job right for me’? or ‘Do I have what it takes to be a successful’?

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