Full Face Makeup Tutorial | Maddox Empire

Thanks for watching my full face makeup tutorial! I hope you have enjoyed it – new video every Thursday. Subscribe here.

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21 Facts About Me | Get To Know Me | Maddox Empire

Thank you for watching my 21 facts about me video as part of a new get to know me series! I hope that you enjoyed this video, I know I loved making it. I noticed recently that although I have been doing Youtube for some time, I’ve never actually divulged anything too personal but that’s about to change.

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My Coming Out Story | LGBT Foundation | Maddox Makeup Company

Thank you for watching my coming out story, I hope you enjoyed watching it! Don’t forget that you can get involved too by sharing your story using #LBconfidence – for more information visit the LGBT Foundation website.

Also don’t miss out on all the advice Ava’s Room has to offer on the site, they launch Friday 21th of October at 10.00am. Check them out here!

Get involved, let me know what you think by leaving a comment or dropping me a message on the contact page!

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Most Likely Tag! | LGBT Edition | Maddox Makeup Company

Thank you for watching our most likely tag, LGBT edition! You can check out our girlfriend tag here and subscribe to my channel > HERE <

You can find me on Instagram & FB: @maddoxmakeupcompany
Twitter: @maddoxmakeup

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#HATESUCKS – Skinny Dip Campaign | Maddox Makeup Company

Recently Skinny Dip HQ asked me if I wanted to jump on board with an amazing campaign they have ongoing with Stonewall #HATESUCKS and of course I was delighted to be a part of this!


In support of LGBT+ community Skinny Dip have created a range of products aka The Special Edit which you can shop here > Special Edit where 10% of the profit goes directly to Stonewall. Stonewall have actively worked with individuals & organisations supporting LGBT rights for many years and have helped to change many laws in the past such as securing the right for same sex couples to marry and protection from discrimination at work etc.


Although Stonewall has aided in the progression of legal/human rights for many years, they are also aware that there is still plenty of work to be done. I’m in support of the work that they do and you can be too, visit the website to find out how you can donate or get involved by visiting the website here > 

If purchasing a product from Skinny Dip doesn’t float your boat (check yo’self) then you can head over to the donations page and help out by donating what you can >



Download Skinny Dip’s #HATESUCKS wallpapers and post it to your social accounts using the #hatesucks hashtag! It couldn’t be easier to show your support and spread the campaign, stand up for what you believe in.




DIY Floral Embroidered Jeans Tutorial | Maddox Makeup Company

Thank you for watching my DIY Floral Embroidered Jeans Tutorial I hope you enjoyed it,  the next video will be uploaded on Thursday!

You can find me on Instagram & FB: @maddoxmakeupcompany
Twitter: @maddoxmakeup