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Lush Haul 2019 | Maddox Empire

Hi Guys, I’m Charlie Maddox! Welcome/back to my channel, Maddox Empire! Thanks for watching my latest lush haul in 2019 – next video live on Thursday at 4pm. Keep in touch via my social media platforms in the meantime and don’t forget to let me know if you have any video ideas for me!

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Lush Halloween 2017 | Maddox Makeup Company

So Summer has officially come to an end! The leaves on the trees are turning that special shade of orange, instead of hot summer nights we can look forward to cosy nights around the fire, wrapped up in autumnal knits to keep us warm! It also marks the time of year  when we can look forward to some of the most important events of the year, like the launch of Lush Halloween 2017.


Yes that’s right, Lush’s Halloween collection has now been launched and it offers something for everyone! Of course you probably know by now that all of Lush’s products are made by hand and they include little to no preservatives but did you know that they are 100% Veggie and 80% Vegan?!


This year they have some amazing products stocked up for Halloween, let the magical powers of these products cast a spell on you…


They have 14 products in total, just for their Halloween collection. Let’s start with most people’s fave’s, the bath products. As per usual just click on the titles of the products to be redirected to the purchasing site, not affiliated.


The Sparkly Pumpkin


Maybe you’ve been buying this product for a while? Well it’s more foamy than ever before with a slight change to the mixture in the witches brew, so if you loved it before you definitely need to try it again! It’s uplifting and refreshing with lime and grapefruit oil, grab yours for just £4.25

Bewitched Bubble Bar


Let this witches best friend cast her spell on you! Allow the scent of Bergamot and Oilbanum oil wash over your skin as you lie back, inhale the familiar scent of Blackberry and just relax… Grab one now, this black cat isn’t bad luck – I promise! £4.25

Pink Pumpkin


Another uplifting and cleansing surprise in pumpkin form from Lush! This one is enriched with jasmine and bergamot oil so it takes on a slightly more floral scent, perfect if you have the Sumer blue’s…



Have you tried Lush’s first ever jelly bomb yet? The concoction includes grapefruit and tangerine oil, designed to get your senses tingling! Pop this into your bath and watch the ghouls soul ooze out into the hot water, pick one up for £4.95



Yes, he has returned or another year! An old favourite for Lush fans, it’s limited edition so be sure to stock up whilst you can. This warming and spicy but sweet bubble bar has a place in my heart for these cooler months, it’s exactly what I need. Plus it has a hint of one of my favourite scents, Vanilla. Purchase yours now for just £4.25

Monster’s Ball


This little guy is adorable! Not the scary stuff that you would normally associate with Halloween, I almost wouldn’t want to melt him under a hot tap! It’s infused with lime and neroli oils for an uplifting effect to your mind and body… Maybe there is a little witch craft at play after all!


Soaps & Shimmer’s

Magic Wand


The only soap in this Halloween collection, they must of stopped brewing when they reached this perfect mixture? Glide this uplifting and softening bar of goodness along your skin and lather up because you are in for a treat. It’s ingredients contain Orange & Tangerine oil as well as Coconut oil, who said all spells are curses? Get one now for £4.50

Goth Fairy 


I’ve never loved a product name so much! It’s packed with Bergamot, Grapefruit & Almond oils so you are guaranteed so feel uplifted with the added bonus of shimmery, iridescent skin. Highlight the ‘high’ points of your body such as collar bones, shoulders and sides of calfs etc to show off what you got… Have the Goth Fairy grant you a wish for just £5.95



Black Rose


A grand illusion in a little tube, watch as this seemingly black lipstick magically transforms into a perfect shade of pink as you apply it to your lips. Enriched with Jojoba and Melon oils to ensure it keeps your lips silky smooth all day long, for just £6.50 it sounds like a bargain to me!