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What Are The Best Foods For Your Skin Type? | Maddox Empire

I find that in the beauty/cosmetic industry the food you intake is something that’s rarely talked about, or at least not as much as it is within the fitness and health industry but really it’s part of one big umbrella group. Food can help better your skin just the same as it can make the condition of your skin worse, here’s a really simple guide to find the best foods for your skin. This guide will help you to nourish your skin and give you the essential nutrients to boost your glow!

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Full Face Makeup Tutorial | Maddox Empire

Thanks for watching my full face makeup tutorial! I hope you have enjoyed it – new video every Thursday. Subscribe here.

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How To Throw The Best Summer Party | Maddox Empire

Finally we have good weather (if you’re in the UK right now) and probably better weather if you are just about anywhere else in the world. Everyone is getting the BBQ’s at the ready, most people are rocking at least a T shirt tan/scold and you never know when it’s going to lash it down with rain, so we have to make the most of the sun whilst it’s here! Here are my top tips on how to throw the best summer party…

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