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New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial | Maddox Empire

Hi Guys, I’m Charlie Maddox! Welcome/back to my channel, Maddox Empire! Thanks for watching my New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial – next video live on Thursday at 4pm. Keep in touch via social platforms and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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Full Face Everyday Makeup | Maddox Empire

Welcome/back to my blog, Maddox Empire! Thanks for watching my full face everyday makeup tutorial! Keep in touch, next video live on Thursday at 4pm. You can SUBSCRIBE to my channel here.

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Bunny Halloween Makeup 2018 | Maddox Empire

Hi Guys, I’m Charlie Maddox! Welcome/back to my channel, Maddox Empire! Thanks for watching my new Bunny Halloween Makeup tutorial – next video live on Thursday at 4pm. Keep in touch on my social platforms!

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How To Get Glowing Skin | Maddox Empire

Thanks for watching how I get glowing skin! There’s a lot of expensive products on the market at the moment that honestly just aren’t necessary especially if you’re on a budget, so here’s my little trick to how I get glowing skin all year round for about £5.00.

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IT Cosmetics Comes To Boots, UK | Maddox Empire

I’m probably a little late on the band wagon here but despite the many emails I’ve had regarding IT Cosmetics coming to Boots in the UK, somehow I managed to sweep this information under the carpet until NOW. Yesterday when I was scrolling along to order my travel essentials the bright, flashy, eye catching packaging caught my eye immediately and I wished I’d of paid attention!

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Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2018 | Maddox Empire

Who else is excited for Spring? I know I am so ready for the weather to warm up  little too, here are the latest makeup trends for spring/summer 2018.

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Glitter Eyeliner | Maddox Makeup Company

So here’s a trend you either love or hate – glitter eyeliner. For me I’m 100% bringing it back this year, I love it but I did go off it for the longest time and now it’s back with boom!

Let’s check out some of the most amazing looks created with glitter eyeliner…

  • The sultry twist – how classic and elegant is this look?! With just a little dazzle added, it’s upped the anti. Get this look by using Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Liner in Funk for just £2.99, pssst it also comes in 6 shades – what a bargain!


  • Edgy & Vibrant – how mesmerising is this?! It’s sharp, edgy and on trend with the latest liner looks. Start wearing this look ASAP with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liquid in AMP – grab one for just £15.00 and there’s 13 shades to choose from!
  • Go bold – not all glitter looks have to be over facing, you can use just a little hint of colour like the image shown here. Just pat a little of the liner onto your lid with your finger and wallah! Use can also use a pigment for this with a little drop of mixing medium (works a treat on lower lash liner too), like this one from Barry M in the shade Moonstone plus there’s a 3 for 2 offer on right now! eyeliner-styles3.jpg

How To Care For Normal Skin | Maddox Makeup Company

Why do we never talk about ‘normal’ skin? There seems to be so many hints & tips out there for those with ‘problem skin’, ‘oily skin’ & ‘dry skin’ however, normal skin is very rarely talked about, why? Maybe because it is quite rare in the way that the majority of people will have a combination skin type and the belief that you can use any products on your skin which isn’t actually true. Below are of my hints, tips or tricks on how to care for normal skin:

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  • Always cleanse twice per day with a gentle cleanser. The formula is completely up to you such as you can choose to use a balm, lotion or cream etc, personally I would stay away from foam as it can be quite drying. Such as this one from The Body Shop > Balm.

90 ML

  • Use a face mask once per week, think Papaya or Oatmeal something cleansing but also moisturising. I like the Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask from Lush.

  • You should still exfoliate once every 2 weeks which a fine exfoliant.

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  • Don’t over powder you face, this can clog pores and create dry, flakey patches as well as unexpected breakouts.

  • Use cotton pads soaked in rose water on your face and decollate once per day, it feels & smells lovely!

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  • Use a light serum to keep skin rejuvenated.
  • Eye cream/serum is your friend! Even though the skin is normal in condition the thinnest parts of the skin can become dry in cooler weather, lets keep those crows feet at bay!

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