Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette Review | Maddox Empire

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Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Review | Maddox Empire

Here is my recent review for the new Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette! You have probably seen it plastered everywhere on timelines all over, I was lucky enough to be sent this little gem by Feel Unique to try out, test & review for you so here it is –  my next video goes live on Thursday at 4pm. Keep in touch via my social media platforms and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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Beauty Products I Will Always Repurchase | Maddox Makeup Company

For me to say that I will repurchase a product must mean that it’s 100% good and I love to use it or believe that it works. I feel although I try a lot of products, I actually don’t repurchase the majority of them but I do have my favourites.

Bare in mind that skin and it’s needs can change in as little time as 6 months so although I have repurchased these products and will do again, I am always mindful of what my skin and body needs as well as new makeup products that comes out. Try what you like, have fun and experiment, the beauty market is ever changing so your bound to find products you love!

Skin/Body Care

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream 


I’ve flagged this product plenty of times in the past, it really is my go to  both day and night creams. I can actually feel it working and protecting my skin even though the texture and feel is very light and it skin effortlessly into the skin. It’s absolutely amazing, a cult classic and a sure fave of mine! I spend 62.00 each time I repurchase, you can shop Elizabeth Arden products here > EA.


Clinique Deep Comfort Moisturiser 


I love this moisturiser, I have been using it religiously for around 6 years. It contains vitamin E and has a very creamy formula that melts into the skin, perfect! Even better it’s just 20.00 for 200mls > Deep Comfort.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 


These concentrated eye mass from Estee Lauder are great for rejuvenating under my eyes. They come in packs of 1, 4 and 8, the more you buy the more you save; I usually buy packs of 4 or 8. Personally I use them once every 2 weeks or whenever I feel as though I’m looking tired and need some radiance injected into my skin! They work wonders… Try them out here > Eye Mask.


Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream

I actually love this exfoliate, it’s thin yet creamy containing natural micro beads. I use it once per week all over body and then sometimes I use it once more just contracting on the areas that needs some extra TLC. Grab 50mls for 26.00 here > Exfoliator.


Lush Mask of Magnaminty 

Hercampus--mask of mag_3.jpg

This is my go to mask to repair my skin, control breakouts and revive my complexion/radiance. This mask contains peppermint to stimulate he skin, marigold oil to inject some moisture and Kaolin mineral to nourish and it’s antibacterial properties, it’s great for most skin types. I pop on a layer and allow it to dry for 15 minutes before buffing it off to exfoliate my skin skin the same time! Pick a pot up from just 6.50 here > Mask.



In complete honesty I haven’t purchased any makeup recently apart from my recent Illasmqua haul, mainly because summer for me is all about skin and not makeup. I take care of my skin year round but with the weather that comes along with summer, having a face full of makeup isn’t going to do wonders! Having said that here’s a couple of my cult favourites that have been great this season…

Kryolan Pan Stick

05047_00_prod_EF 22.png

This foundation is BEAUTIFUL for a super full coverage application with staying power. It’s actually a TV stick foundation but it can be thinned out with primer, moisturiser or water: it’s come in 127 shades, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN SHADES! Like what?! What’s even better is that it’s just 15.00 to purchase here >  Foundation.


Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray

Again this is another TV product, it’s the under cover holy grail of setting sprays! It has super strength staying power, just ensure you apply powder before you set it. I have been using this spray for over a decade, it’s completely worth the  10 pounds spent. Get a bottle for yourself here > Final Seal.


Freedom Brow Pomade


I’ve been using this pomade for nearly a year now, every day and I’ve barely made a dint in the pot! It’s perfect for HD brows and it’s available in 11 shades at 5 pound per pot, I wear Ebony on my brows… Pick one up here > Pomade.


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Urban Decay Makeup Review/First Impressions! Shadow Box.

If you have seen any of my tutorials then you will know that I’m a big Urban Decay fan! I have been for many years but I still only have a fraction of UD’ collection, I’m slowly building up to more and in my efforts to I have decided to purchase the Shadow Box Palette.

From what I can remember I only have tried 3 of these shadows before despite already having 4 large palettes so it seemed like the best one to go for, below are pictures of the unboxing and of swatches. Keep reading to find out what I thought!


First thoughts



The packaging is cute, not too dissimilar from UD usual leading colours but the palette feels a little bit more luxurious. Palette’s I have purchased from UD in the past have been slightly on the cheap side to touch i.e made of card board or bendable plastic but this one has some weight to it with a nice pad topped case.


Inside the palette


Now if you are anything like me you never look at the back of the palette to see the colours you just open it right up and be amazed or displeased by what’s in front of you. Recently (in December) I began to love jewel toned shades, so when I seen Indo, Moonshadow & Baked Cowboy I could not wait to swatch these and see how good they were!




All of the above swatches shown are singular swipe swatches and are taken with camera flash, no edits. 

My first thoughts when swatching these shades are how buttery they are! I will share my thoughts about the shades individually listed below (from left to right):

  • Baked Cowboy – I couldn’t wait to try this one out as it looked highly pigmented and shimmery. I wasn’t disappointed however I would of liked a little more colour payoff within the first swipe. However Haui Wowie has great colour pay off but you do tend to get a little bit of fall out from the glitter the shade contains so maybe its a saving grace?!
  • Moon shadow – this beautiful jewel toned blue would be beautiful for a night out! it has great build able coverage so it can be highly pigmented or just used as a wash of colour along the eyes. Soft & creamy in texture with no fall out.
  • Freelove – I actually wasn’t expecting to like this shade but I do, it’s as buttery as the rest of the group with really good pigmentation. I’m looking forward to doing a high sheen summer look with his shade!
  • Lost – instantly fell in love with this shadow as soon as a swatches it. It as a nice medium-sheer coverage which is build able would be beautiful used as an all over colour or transition for a smokey eye.
  • Mushroom – this shade just melts into the skin with it’s soft velvety texture making it easy to blend. Has very good coverage with a silver shimmer shade, I went off silver tones for a very long time however I think this has pinged me back in to loving them cool tones!
  • Flash – at first this colour reminded me of Betrayal from the Vice 2 palette but it doesn’t wear like that at all. It’s silky in texture with a wonderful colour pay off and it’s very wearable for almost all skin tones!
  • Blackout – to be honest this is the only shade in the palette that I was disappointed with. I wanted it to be as black as it could be on the first swatch however it was washed out and had more of a blue tinge to it so it’s wasn’t what I was expecting. However it is very build able so you can achieve a blacked out smokey effect with this shade.
  • Smog – this shade is a long standing favourite of mine and I use it almost everyday as it’s in my every day to day routine. It’s extremely blend able and can be worn as a sheen or built up for a good smokey coverage.
  • Tornado – I found this shade be quite interesting, the pay off is great in terms of colour. Good coverage too but there’s something about this shade that doesn’t make me love it even though I can see several uses for it in my minds eye. I’ll have to try it out and see how it wears!
  • Bordello – I have this colour in another palette however I am convinced that UD has changed the formula between me buying that palette and this one. There’s no fallout with the shade in this palette which is great, beautifully wearable and soft in texture. Wonderful!
  • Indo – WOW! This shade is wear I’m at, it’s beautiful. It rich in pigment, soft and creamy in texture, blends well and is amazingly eye-catching. Think I may just have a new favourite
  • Sin – this has actually been one of my favourite shades for a couple of years now! I love how it looks for brow or inner eye highlight, it’s great for a pop of colour on the lid too. Highly bendable can be buffed out to achieve more of a sheen then a highlight, great pigmentation.


Final thoughts

For me this palette is great and I think it would be great for anyone who likes to be creative with makeup. Regardless of whether you are a makeup beginner or an experienced makeup artist, there are some wonderful & workable shades in this palette. Personally I cant wait to start trying out some looks with it, I having a feeling it’s going to take over the Naked 2 Palette and become my new travel buddy as there’s so many more looks to create with this!