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Thank you for watching my DIY Floral Embroidered Jeans Tutorial I hope you enjoyed it,  the next video will be uploaded on Thursday!

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3 Reasons Why I LOVE Makeup…


Hair, makeup, outfit & set design by me.

I’ve always had an interest in makeup from a very young age, I used to enjoy watching my mum and sister get ready to go for nights out. I used to sit there and take in what they were doing, ask them annoying questions about it until they put lipstick on me and my love for it just grew from there! Today I’m going to tell you 3 reasons why I love makeup…


Self Expression

How great is it that you can choose to go makeup-less or paint yourself completely and look however you want, all thanks to something as simple as makeup?! I like to creativity that comes with being a makeup artist, it’s not always about self confidence although it is lovely to see a big change in others when your make them feel special! (which everyone should do).


Enhancing Features

Makeup can be used so beautifully when allowing people to subtly enhance their own features! It’s great to be able to use your own individual features to tailor your makeup to suit you and also have the ability to play around with shade and highlights/colours until you find a style that suits you perfectly!


I believe that everyone should feel comfortable with out makeup however it is a great tool to be able to cover parts of us that are unwanted whether that be a scar, pigmentation or even a bad tattoo. It’s wonderful that we have the option to others these safely to give an extra confident boost when we may need it!