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Brands I Would Like To Work With | Maddox Makeup Company

As I am a blogger who takes blogging seriously and is trying to pave a career out of what I do there’s also been a couple of brands that I have often thought about working with. Although at the moment these may just be fantasies and visions, I still hope to work with some special brands as my audience grows! Find out below which brands I would like to work with in the future…


Urban Decayย 

Although I have a couple of fave makeup brands, I’ll never forget the first time I used UD products. The stand lured me in when I was 16 as it was so vivid and looked exactly like the type of brand I would buy in to; the colours were fierce, passionate and confident and so I haven’t looked back since. UD was a huge inspiration to me when I was studying makeup at uni and their palettes never fail to inspire an array of design ideas!


Kat Von D

Image result for kat von D beauty

For me it was so interesting to watch Kat Von D go from tattooing (although she still does) to building a makeup up line with Sephora, talk about inspiration! The brand grabbed my attention from the offset with bold, daring colours and amazing lip formulas plus I was so excited when she expanded the brand to the UK because paying that shipping charge was never fun ๐Ÿ™‚



I loved NYX the second I discovered the brand, it’s fun and creative with a wide range of products at an affordable price and I always recommend to new clients who aren’t sure what makeup they like/dislike. The lip formulas are amazing again but it’s really the blushers that I love from this brand, give a coral hue cheek any day of the week! It’s such an expressive brand you cant go wrong.



Image result for illamasqua







I was first introduced to Illamasqua by a close friend who asked me to try out a couple of her new products to see what I could do with them and I instantly fell in love. The pigmentation of Illamasqua products is out of this world and with such a strong brand culture your bound to create some epic looks when you get your hands on these products.




Image result for kiehls








I have loved Kiehl’s for as long as I can remember, it’s a brand that is always striving for more, more from it’s ingredients and products to create the best possible products for it’s consumers and that is something that I can really appreciate. Kiehl’s is a wonderful brand that has developed and grown it’s brand culture over a long period of time so no wonder they make it look so effortless! The products really do speak for themselves and it’s like a spa treatment overtime you use them… If you do one thing this year, treat yourself to an eye treatment from Kiehl’s, honestly they are the BEST.




What’s not to like about Missguided? I love the style and attitude that the brand exudes, it’s effortless, chic and fashionable all in one. The quality of the clothing is great and they supply items for every single event/situation imaginable, I love there simple pieces and evening dresses and don’t even get me started on the swimwear! It’s my go to whenever I need a new outfit or even just some inspiration.






Fierce Smokey Eye Tutorial | Maddox Makeup Company

Thank you for watching this Fierce Smokey Eye Tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Products Used:
Costal Scents 120 Palette – Red, White & Gold Shades
NYX Ultimiate Brights Palette – Red Shimmer & Burnt Orange
Illamasqua Liquid Metal Palette
Urban Decay – Baked Cowboy
Collection 2000 Black Liner
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara in Extreme Black


Makeup, Makeup 101

The Best Way of Creating a Smokey/Halo Eye With JUST 3 Shades!

This post is part 3 of a mini series of eyeshadow design tutorials. If you are new here and are not too sure how to start, then not to worry just refer to the previous 2 posts which you can find here >>> <<<.

Three Colour Eye Design

The key to this design is to start with 2 of the previous designs I have online in the above posts. Once you have that mastered then a third shade, an even deeper shade than the previous 2 in order to create even more dramatic, highly polished looks.

If you like to keep things looking natural then this design can still work for you by keeping the brow colour softer than before regardless of where you take the deeper shades it will always end up looking ore natural than those who like to add a pop of colour or highlight to their brow bone.

That being said if you love colour, now is your chance to go wild, the looks than you can create using 3 shades is endless so I will just be focusing on 2 different eye designs today. A smokey eye and a halo eye design.


Application Smokey Eye

For the ultimate smokey eye there are only a couple of tricks that need to be used in order to create it, especially when leading on from previous eye designs:

  • Taking a small round eyeshadow brush, you can apply the deepest colour just ABOVE the outer edge of the crease line. Blend upward and out the create a feathery, smokey look.
  • Be sure not to use a downward motion as this will result in the effect of the eyeshadow pulling the eye down.
  • If you have an angled brush now is the time to use it. Once you have blended your smokey eye to perfection, you can add a small amount of the lightest shade on the brown bone just to clean the shadow up and add a smidgen of finesse.
  • Remember that with a smokey eye your lower lash line needs to match your upper so take your deepest shade and blend along the lower lash line.

Tip: when applying colour in the crease line the straighter you hold your brush the sharper your eyeshadow will apply. Hold it at an angle to create smokey edges.





Application Halo Eye

This application is a little more tricky to get right, however if you like grungy makeup looks then this can work really well when it isn’t perfect.

  • Taking the deepest shade on a small round eye shadow brush, it should be applied to both the inner and outer corners or the eye close to the lash line. From this point it can be blended using small circular motions.
  • When blending this shade you can place this colour within the crease line to create a bridge between the inner and outer corners of the eye.
  • The middle corner can also be blended into the crease line to allow to colours to blend seamlessly.
  • After you are happy with the shape you can add the lightest shade to the brow bone, centre of the lower lid & inner eye.
  • As this can be quite difficult to explain please see the step by step guide in pictures below.



Makeup, Makeup 101

How To Create Beautiful Eyeshadow Designs With JUST Two Colours!

This is the second part of a 4 part eye design post, if you are new to makeup and don’t really know where to start you can view part 1 first if you like. The 2 colour eye design is the most popular eyeshadow design for non makeup industry people to use as it’s simple and easy to use yet it gives a big impact.


If you would like to see how to master the 2 colour eyeshadow look then just keep reading below to view my step by step guide to making it work for you.

Two Colour Eye Design

Firstly when using this eye design you will need a neutral skin tone colour and a deep shade to add dimension, if you are not too concerned with a natural look then you can use which ever colour you like. This look will work best if you have a round eyeshadow brush to work with.

  • Taking the lighter shade on an eyeshadow brush, you can dust this from the lash line up to the brow bone. Ensuring that no patches of skin can be seen peeking through the eyeshadow.
  • Next taking the deeper shade create a < or C shape to the outer corner off the within the crease line. A < will create a sharper more glamorous look, where as the C shape will create a softer more natural look.
  • Once you have created this shape remember to blend until any harsh lines have disappeared.
  • Remember to use a little shadow at a time when creating depth so that you don’t accidentally apply to much and having to start over.
  • If you are finding that the eye shadow is difficult to blend, you can add some of the lighter shades to the edges and continue to blend.
  • You can use the lighter shade as an inner eye highlight as well.
  • Use a small amount of the dark shade to blend underneath the lower lash line.




I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did please remember to share across your social media networks! It will be much appreciated, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚



Makeup, Makeup 101

Urban Decay Makeup Review/First Impressions! Shadow Box.

If you have seen any of my tutorials then you will know that I’m a big Urban Decay fan! I have been for many years but I still only have a fraction of UD’ collection, I’m slowly building up to more and in my efforts to I have decided to purchase the Shadow Box Palette.

From what I can remember I only have tried 3 of these shadows before despite already having 4 large palettes so it seemed like the best one to go for, below are pictures of the unboxing and of swatches. Keep reading to find out what I thought!


First thoughts



The packaging is cute, not too dissimilar from UD usual leading colours but the palette feels a little bit more luxurious. Palette’s I have purchased from UD in the past have been slightly on the cheap side to touch i.e made of card board or bendable plastic but this one has some weight to it with a nice pad topped case.


Inside the palette


Now if you are anything like me you never look at the back of the palette to see the colours you just open it right up and be amazed or displeased by what’s in front of you. Recently (in December) I began to love jewel toned shades, so when I seen Indo, Moonshadow & Baked Cowboy I could not wait to swatch these and see how good they were!




All of the above swatches shown are singular swipe swatches and are taken with camera flash, no edits.ย 

My first thoughts when swatching these shades are how buttery they are! I will share my thoughts aboutย the shades individually listed below (from left to right):

  • Baked Cowboy – I couldn’t wait to try this one out as it looked highly pigmented and shimmery. I wasn’t disappointed however I would of liked a little more colour payoff within the first swipe. However Haui Wowie has great colour pay off but you do tend to get a little bit of fall out from the glitter the shade contains so maybe its a saving grace?!
  • Moon shadow – this beautiful jewel toned blue would be beautiful for a night out! it has great build able coverage so it can be highly pigmented or just used as a wash of colour along the eyes. Soft & creamy in texture with no fall out.
  • Freelove – I actually wasn’t expecting to like this shade but I do, it’s as buttery as the rest of the group with really good pigmentation. I’m looking forward to doing a high sheen summer look with his shade!
  • Lost – instantly fell in love with this shadow as soon as a swatches it. It as a nice medium-sheer coverage which is build able would be beautiful used as an all over colour or transition for a smokey eye.
  • Mushroom – this shade just melts into the skin with it’s soft velvety texture making it easy to blend. Has very good coverage with a silver shimmer shade, I went off silver tones for a very long time however I think this has pinged me back in to loving them cool tones!
  • Flash – at first this colour reminded me of Betrayal from the Vice 2 palette but it doesn’t wear like that at all. It’s silky in texture with a wonderful colour pay off and it’s very wearable for almost all skin tones!
  • Blackout – to be honest this is the only shade in the palette that I was disappointed with. I wanted it to be as black as it could be on the first swatch however it was washed out and had more of a blue tinge to it so it’s wasn’t what I was expecting. However it is very build able so you can achieve a blacked out smokey effect with this shade.
  • Smog – this shade is a long standing favourite of mine and I use it almost everyday as it’s in my every day to day routine. It’s extremely blend able and can be worn as a sheen or built up for a good smokey coverage.
  • Tornado – I found this shade be quite interesting, the pay off is great in terms of colour. Good coverage too but there’s something about this shade that doesn’t make me love it even though I can see several uses for it in my minds eye. I’ll have to try it out and see how it wears!
  • Bordello – I have this colour in another palette however I am convinced that UD has changed the formula between me buying that palette and this one. There’s no fallout with the shade in this palette which is great, beautifully wearable and soft in texture. Wonderful!
  • Indo – WOW! This shade is wear I’m at, it’s beautiful. It rich in pigment, soft and creamy in texture, blends well and is amazingly eye-catching. Think I may just have a new favourite
  • Sin – this has actually been one of my favourite shades for a couple of years now! I love how it looks for brow or inner eye highlight, it’s great for a pop of colour on the lid too. Highly bendable can be buffed out to achieve more of a sheen then a highlight, great pigmentation.


Final thoughts

For me this palette is great and I think it would be great for anyone who likes to be creative with makeup. Regardless of whether you are a makeup beginner or an experienced makeup artist, there are some wonderful & workable shades in this palette. Personally I cant wait to start trying out some looks with it, I having a feeling it’s going to take over the Naked 2 Palette and become my new travel buddy as there’s so many more looks to create with this!